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It’s true! We hired a Creative Director, Mark, the other week. It’s an exciting time for Blue Key Media with an endless amount of opportunity in sight. But why did we choose to go in this direction? Great question– let me explain.

I’ve always been a generalist when it comes to the world of video production. I grew up in a small town of 13,000 people where almost no one created video content. There weren’t opportunities to collaborate with other creatives or learn from peers far more experienced. So I ended up having to learning everything on my own, knowing a little bit of everything to create the videos I want to create. I was a jack of all trades, wearing all the hats. But this can only get you so far, and eventually it pays to bring in others that are simply just better than you. That’s where Mark comes in.

blue key media creative director
Mark Rolseth – Creative Director

Myself, having a background in marketing, always wanted to focus more on the strategy behind the video rather than solely on the creation of the video. How does the video fit into the overall business strategy? What objectives are we trying to achieve? How do we craft this to resonate best with the audience? How does the video fit into the buyer’s journey? What’s the distribution strategy? These are the types of questions that set apart cool looking video from effective videos, and it’s our jobs as video producers to ask these questions and work through them with a client. And this has always been the vision for Blue Key Media, being able to provide exceptional service to our clients and create video that’s actually effective, moving the needle because it’s rooted in solid video strategy.

Mark is a wizard when it comes to devising strategy and developing effective video messaging, being able to step back and look at things big picture. He’s also a great filmmaker and editor, but his specialty really lies in process before the camera rolls, setting up a video to succeed. His expertise aligns with the core of Blue Key Media: helping solve business problems through strategic video marketing.

I truly believe that video without strategy is like throwing darts in the dark, and the key to unlocking the power of video is when your visuals and message are rooted in a solid foundation. That’s why we hired a Creative Director. That’s why we hired Mark.

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