How to Choose the Right Video Production Company for your Project

You’ve got an idea– a vision. It’s a video with rainbows and unicorns that you’re sure will be a success! But where to start? How do you choose the right video production company to create your video?

It’s tough because there are so many options out there and finding the right fit can be challenging. Do you go with the traditional video production company that takes your idea, produces it, and gives you the file; or do you choose a video marketing agency where they help develop a video marketing strategy, distribution plan, and video, helping you throughout the entire process? Here’s our guide for helping you through the journey of picking the perfect company.

Conduct an internal audit. Where are you at with video?

Starting within is the most important part of the process. Each video company will be better suited for helping those at different stages. Run through a mental checklist of:

  1. What’s my goal/objective with video?

Don’t have that figured out? Determine the purpose before moving forward. Having a clear objective is crucial to effective video content.

  1. Do I have a direction and idea for the video?

Awesome! It always helps a video team when they can work from a starting point, but it’s not necessary.

  1. Does my idea link to our clear objective?

Think about how this idea will help to achieve your objective? There should be alignment between the creative direction and objective.

  1. How does this video idea connect to our overall strategy?

You don’t just want to make video for the sake of video. All your content should be connected to an overarching strategy/marketing strategy. But this can be hard to navigate. If you are unclear on this, you’ll want a company that specializes in developing a video strategy

  1. What does success look like for you?

Setting measurable, tangible outcomes for the video will help ensure that you’re seeing ROI and creating video with results.

  1. How will I distribute the video?

A video is useless if it isn’t viewed by the right people. Figuring your distribution and implementation strategy beforehand is crucial to setting your video up for success.

So, how’d you do after that audit? Did you have solid, thorough answers for each of those points? Great, you’re ahead of the game! Feel like you were unsure about many of those steps? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

If you felt unsure, you’ll want to start searching for a video marketing agency that has expertise, experience, and a process for developing a video strategy and implementation plan. These are foundation to video and without them, you might as well save your marketing dollars.

If you had a solid game plan, give yourself a pat on the back. Most don’t. You’ll likely want to search for someone that’s more creative-only focused, like your typical video production company, rather than someone who heavily focuses on strategy development.

Once you’ve determined the type of video company you should search for, video marketing agency or video production company, what are the factors you should consider with each?

Starting the search. What to consider when choosing your video provider.

Now that you’ve established where you’re at in the planning process and whether you need a video production company or a video marketing agency, it’s time to start the search. What factors do you need to consider to find the perfect video for your situation? Ultimately you’re trying to determine who’s the best fit, as will the video company, so go in with an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  1. Search for companies that specialize in the type of content you’re looking for

Begin your search by either getting recommendations from colleagues who have worked with video teams in the past, or head over to Google and search something like “Video Production Company in Minneapolis” and add a keyword that identifies a niche. So it might look like

“Video Production Company in Minneapolis Specializing in Agriculture Brand Videos”

Adding the qualifier will help narrow down the results to companies that have worked on similar projects to yours.

  1. Determine the level of experience you need

There are plenty of companies with varying levels of experience and team size. Determine what will be a best fit for your needs.

  • Is the problem or objective you’re trying to solve small? Maybe you’re a company with a limited budget? Then you probably won’t need the best in the industry.
  • Are you a company with a large goal? Need a bigger production company with experience dealing with clients of your size? Search for experts in the field if that’s the case.
  1. What’s your budget?

I know what you’re wondering, “How much does video cost?” And well, it depends. It can costs as much or as little as you want, so determine a realistic budget for yourself beforehand so production companies understand the scope they are working in. No, a 30 second video won’t always be cheaper than a 20 minute video. Those super bowl commercials you watch were probably over $100,000. Compared to a 20 minute company history video a corporation made which probably cost them a fraction.

“Our rule of thumb is the bigger the objective, the bigger the budget.”

Don’t expect to pay $3,000 for a video if you’re looking for revenue gains equating to $100,000,. Think more like $30,000. Wouldn’t you be happy with a 233% ROI?

Every video company you speak with will ask you what your budget is, so have a range and don’t leave them hanging. We want to help you through the process, and knowing your budget up front allows us to do that more efficiently.

  1. Setup consultations

After these fundamental questions have been addressed, begin reaching out to companies for a consultation. They’re free, no-pressure opportunities to hear about the video company’s process, experience, and allow you time to ask questions.

When you’re done with the meeting, you should have a pretty good feeling whether or not there was a fit. Did they truly understand your problem– what you’re trying to achieve? Can they clearly articulate their creative ideas and easily translate your ideas into direction?

If you need assistance with the video strategy and creative development, are they asking questions relating to that? Do they provide those services?

After you’ve done everything above, you’ll have a thorough understanding of where you stand with video and who is the best fit for the job. Choose them! You deserve it. Now that you have a video production company, it’s time to consider your video strategy and begin creative development. Learn more why a solid strategy is essential for creating effective video in our other post, The Framework For Effective Video Marketing.

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I like that you suggested getting recommendations from your colleagues who have worked with a video production company in the past, so you can find one that specializes in the type of content that you’re interested in. This is something that I will make sure to remember because my sister and I are looking for a video production service provider. We want to make sure that our project presentation in our school is going to be impressive and has all the content that our project focuses on. Thanks for sharing this.

Great post! Many thanks for sharing some top tips on choosing the right video production company. Keep up the great writing.

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