Begin your project

Begin your project


You have an idea for video content. You may even have all the details figured out. Or maybe you haven’t planned anything yet. Wherever you’re at, we can start there.

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Every project is different, but here’s how the process looks for most of our clients.

Step 1. Connect

First, we’ll get up to speed on where you’re at. This is typically a phone call where we listen to you and ask some questions, such as:

  • What do want your video to accomplish?
  • What’s your timeline?
  • What’s your budget for this project?
  • What are the next steps?

Step 2. Strategize

Then, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting where we discuss the project in more depth. We’ll talk about things like:

  • Who’s your target audience and what’s our strategy to reach them?
  • What might this video look like, given the resources available, your budget, and other restraints?
  • What’s the plan for distributing your video online?

Step 3. Plan

Lastly, we’ll craft a game plan for production that everyone feels good about. We’ll figure out all the details, including:

  • When and where will we film?
  • What will each party be responsible for throughout the project?
  • What date will the final video be delivered?


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